PSR Children (Ages: 2's and younger 3's)

Welcome Families,
            In the PSR Classroom (Preschool Readiness) we will be using the Frog Street Press curriculum! Through this curriculum the children will learn through music and movement using our smart board for daily circle time activities.  Each month will consist of a new letter, shape, color and number that the children will learn and review daily. 
August                       A, B                           Circle                          Red                             1
September               C,E,F                          Square                       Black                             2
October                     F,G,H                         Triangle                     Orange                          3
November                I,J,K                            Rectangle                 Brown                            4
December                L,M                              Star                            Green                          5
January                      N,O                           Diamond                   White                            6
February                   P,Q,R                          Heart                         Pink                              7
March                        S,T,U                          Octagon                    Blue                              8
April                           V,W,X                         Oval                            Yellow                         9
May                            Y,Z                             Trapezoid                 Purple                          10
June & July:  Summer Activities
Throughout the year the children will have the opportunity to transition from parallel play to more interactive play, their language capacity will blossom as well. Your little one is discovering more and more each day. Our approach to teaching this age as they navigate their world uses music, art, movement, science, cooking, sensory play and much more while nurturing their progress toward preschool.
Our time with your child will include cognitive, language, physical, learning, and social opportunities like simple addition and subtraction and science, movement and imaginative play with props and dress-up clothes. Much of this will include group play where your child will make friends and learn cooperation and taking turns.
We plan on making this year fun and exciting for the children.  We want them to have fun learning and discovering.  There will be opportunities for families to join us for special events.
We look forward to having each family apart of our Little Saints Family.
Thank you.