Two Classrooms

Preschool Children (Ages: 2's -younger 4's)

     In the Preschool Classrooms we will be using the InvestiGators Club! This curriculum has 7 different units.  Each unit will take us on a new adventure to discover many new things that are happening in the world around us, we will be discovering each one through hands on experiences. The first unit will be an 8-week lesson where we will meet Dilly Gator and one of her friends every week.  The remaining units will each take 4 weeks for each unit, during each one we will begin to introduce a different letter a week.  Our 7 units are as follows:
  • Let’s investigate:  We will meet Dilly Gator and her many friends that will help us on our investigation.
  • Under Construction: We will learn about buildings and construction.  We will also talk about all the different things in and around our homes.
  • Healthy You: We will talk about our bodies and how to make healthy decisions.
  • Finny, Feathery Friends:  In this unit we will talk about many animals from farm to wild and even creepy crawlies.  We will even go out and dig through the dirt.
  • Splash and Dig: We will learn about the different bodies of waters.
  • Watch it Grow: This unit is all about plants and how they grow.  We will discuss flowers, trees, fruits and veggies.
  • Weather Watchers: We will be looking at the different elements of the weather, we will discover the difference between rain and snow and we will cloud watch.
Throughout the units we will also be changing our dramatic play area to match the unit we are learning about. This will allow the children to receive hands on experience and discover new items and activities in our classroom.
Within each unit the children will connect the hands on experience with the academics by working on worksheets, learning how to hold and use a pencil, working with scissors, rotating through work stations, and much more.  The children will learn skills to prepare them for Pre-K.
We plan on making this year fun and exciting for the children.  We want them to have fun learning and discovering.  There will be opportunities for families to join us for some special events such as our garden party and our field trip to the grocery store.
We look forward to having each family apart of our Little Saints Family.
Thank you.