Ms.Terese Munoz- Hill, Preschool Director
work: (805)735-7226
I would like to take this time to introduce myself as the Little Saints Preschool Director.  My name is Terese Munoz- Hill.  I had the privilege of attending La Purisima School until I entered High School.  During my time in High School I realized I loved working with children, I began taking an early childhood class in High school and started to volunteer and work at the Boys and Girls Club.  I worked with Teens, Afterschool and the Preschool.  I was able to work my way up from being a volunteer to the Afterschool/Preschool Director. 

After being at the Boys & Girls Club for 15 years I had my son Joshua and took time off to spend with him.  I then took a job in Santa Barbara as a Preschool Teacher where I then became the Assist Preschool Director, I was able to learn about the OCP (Outdoor Classroom Project) and P.F.I (Preschool Food Initiative), thru the many O.C.P and P.F.I workshops and trainings I have taken.  After being in Santa Barbara for 5 years, I was thrilled to come back and work here at La Purisima where my own education began.  I have many great ideas that I continue to incorporate into Little Saints Preschool, including introducing all of the children and parents to the O.C.P and P.F.I.  With the help of my father we continue to make changes to the yard and will continue to make many more great changes to come.  Please check out to learn more about the O.C.P and P.F.I. You can also go onto and look up Outdoor Classroom Project to watch their video.

I am truly blessed to be able to be back at La Purisima School.