A La Purisima Concepcion Catholic School we have wonderful families and students.  Plesae read below for some testimonials from our families:

  • La Purisima Concepcion is an amazing school.As parents of two children attending La Purisima I cannot speak highly enough of the valuable education they are receiving.The students are learning and excelling academically while maintaining their beliefs and Catholic faith.The curriculum is challenging and most students are learning above grade level.In addition to the educational success of the students, we are truly a school family.The students, teachers and parents interact with and know each other well.The students are safe and well taken care of.My family is blessed to be a part of the La Purisima school community and encourage more families to see what this amazing school has to offer                                                                                         -The Stouppe Family


  • We have two children currently attending La Purisima School. I am proud that the school I graduated from over 20 years ago has continued to provide a safe, comfortable and positive environment for my own children. The staff is sincere and compassionate, recognizing strengths and weaknesses in each student. I especially appreciate the sense of community that is developed from the organized school events, the blended learning classrooms and the School Community garden. Thank you La Purisima for your dedication to providing an excellent educational experience to my children.                                                                                             -The Martinez-Baker Family


  • My son, Nolan atteneded Little Saints Preschool for 2 years.  As much as I loved it, he loved it as well.  Not only did my son progress in his learning and working towards being ready for kindergarten, he also got to enjoy being a kid.  Little Saints has an outdoor play that allows the kids to enjoy getting messy and at the same time learn.  I wish my other 4 kids had the privilege to attend Little Saints.  I am grateful that the school decided to open a preschool and I would highley recommend anyone looking for a great school to look into Little Saints.                                                                                                          - The Darg Family